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. but tonight, the question will be what our esteemed analysts think about the future of the united states as we stand here at the end of 2009. we really have an extraordinary group of panelists. let me just share their introduction so everyone knows who they are. i have learned that people like introductions. certainly, i like it louise gives me that wonderful introduction. we will first hear from richard haas, counsel for relations, who has worked with two presidents. as council president, he has truly been an entrepreneurial leader. it has always been important, but richard has he brought many scholars and expertise and wide range of subjects. his most recent book is called a " war of necessity, war of joyce," -- "war of necessity, war of choice." glenn hubbard is no ordinary academic. he is dean of columbia business and a tenured professor of finance and economics at the columbia school of arts and sciences. he has worked for the treasury and as a consultant to the federal reserve bank, and recently he wrote a book called "healthy, wealthy, and wise -- five steps to better health care system
. that is what happened in the united states and what is happening in europe and what is happening in asia. i think at one time we could have another bubble and as bubble is going to be bigger from the other. the united states, now the cost of financing their debt is about $50 billion a year. looking at $900 billion in 2020. obviously the problem of that accelerating and putting investors at risk. in dubai we have a big bubble and i think abu dhabi has to put the burden of correcting a miscalculation. >> professor, what do you think is abu dhabi's position. it is not entirely clear whether they will underwrite the whole thing or pick and choose which of the debts they are going to deal with. >> obviously -- they say they cannot -- they probablyavto put first of all a new regulation a new role and they have to tighten the belt. they cannot just bail out and then go into another problem. but so far, the central banker of dubai -- liquidity, but they said they have to pick and choose. they don't have to reschedule all of that but they have to schedule some of that. this is going to be a new equa
is to understand the circumstances that are going on right now in terms of the compromise of the united states sovereignty by what's happening to the dollar with deficits budget to be positive so the last third of this book is solutions. what we can do as a subtitle says fighting new world order, surviving the global depression and preserving u.s. sovereignty. so the themes of this book at the last third or to give solutions and call to action for how we can organize our lives, how we can organize politically in order to fight back to say no to a global new deal. now, to get everyone's mind of around the idea of america for sale, i like to start at this way. we currently have page 24 of the book and document we have got about a 65.5 trillion what the t negative net worth. now what that means, that is according to the department treasury's own statistics. once a year the deeper and the treasury does a gap accounting and david walker, who was the head of the government accountability office actually resigned in 2008 it went on the week up to our alarming people, telling people essentially that i
moved back to the united states when i was a baby and lived there till i was five in rochester, new york. this was after it had become safe for war resisters. my father worked in a health clinic in the state, and my mother worked at a cable access channel. they both decided they preferred it in canada. my father preferred the single payer health care system. my father preferred that. my mother was working for the national film board, which is a public institution that allowed her to make the political films that she wanted to make. they left the u.s. because of stayed in canada because of the social programs. >> do you remember when you first learned of this story and it sunk in? >> in canada, you did not have to be rich to get sick. i feel i always knew the story about health care. this was explained to me as a kid. i did understand that it was unfair that people were denied access to medicine because they did not have money to pay. as a doctor, my father preferred to work in a system whereby money did not have anything to do with the care that you received. i feel like i have always k
effect. a recent study by our national academy of sciences found that here in the united states burning fossil fuels leads to almost 120 billion dollars in health costs a year. most of those costs are premature deaths, and we know that the cost in human lives can be even higher in countries we merging economies that have fewer resources to improve air quality. for all of these reasons, president obama and i understand that we cannot wait any longer to act. president obama has made it clear that he's committed to passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation that will create millions of new jobs and secure clean energy sources that are made in america and work for america. but in the meantime, we're looking for ways that we can start reducing this threat right now. last friday i saw some of you at a white house stakeholder briefing i hosted with lisa jackson, the administrator of our environmental protection agency. at that briefing we talked about many of the steps my department is taking in this area from funding research on the health costs of greenhouse gas emissions to invest
in israel is likely to increase and the pressure from israel on the united states is very likely to increase. but we have seen in the past that there are precedents that the united states can prevent israel from taking military action, precisely because of the fact that israeli military action against iran would spell disaster for the united states in the region, which has been made very clear by admiral mullen, as well as other military figures in the u.s. so in the past we've seen examples in which the united states actually has successfully prevented israel from taking military action. >> thank you. >>> let's talk about the economy now. the chairman of the federal reserve goes before a senate committee this week as lawmakers consider a second term for ben bernanke. he's getting a headstart on the discussion with an opinion column in today's "washington post." bernanke argues against several moves under way in congress designed to limit the central bank's independence. bernanke's words, we should be seeking to preserve, not degrade, the institution's ability to foster financial stability a
be said you would save for a man who combined a career as commander in chief of the united states army, and that was how congress does it made him commander in chief with his second existence as agent 13 in the spanish secret service. 11 years he commanded the nations forces, he dowson its forces, patrolled its frontiers and for most of that time, he also said america's military secrets to the largest power in the hemisphere. and if spain had acted a little more vigorously on the warnings of agent passed on they would have carried the lewis and clark expedition and put a halt to the expedition. and they did heed his advice about fortifying the border with texas and so they kept the united states out of texas for about a generation things to his warnings he was a pretty effective agent it has to be said. and then there is also his reputation as the man who founded the spanish conspiracy, and the spanish conspiracy was designed to split away kentucky and tennessee from the rest of the country. so a guy like that, you know, he makes snakes seem like a model of rectitude and chameleons, ch
who combined a career as commander in chief of the united states army and that's how congress designated him commander in chief with his second existence as agent 13 in the spanish secret service. 11 years he commanded the nation's forces. he garrisoned its forts and patrolled the forests. and at the same time he fed the military secrets to the largest power in the hemisphere and if spain had acted a little more vigorously on the warnings that agent 13 passed on they would have captured the lewis and clark expedition and put a halt to their westward exploration. and they did heed his advice about fortifying the border with texas and so they kept the united states out of texas for about a generation thanks to his warning. so he was a pretty effective agent. it has to be said. and then there's also his reputation as the man who founded the spanish conspiracy and the spanish conspiracy was designed to split away kentucky and tennessee from the rest of the country. so a guy like that, you know, he really makes sort of snakes seem like a model of good and chameleons look good compa
think if you add up the troops that the united states will commit as well as those that nato countries are going to commit and that's still a work in progress on the latter. i'm told by senior defense officials that general mcchrystal will be more or less satisfied with the number that he believes he needs to do the counterinsurgency campaign that he laid out in his strategic assessment earlier this year. >> suarez: now, it takes a while to get everybody deployed, doesn't it? >> it does. it will take several months, actually several weeks for the first troops. but the marines that you mentioned will be going in first early next year to be followed soon after by a number of... several hundred perhaps up to a thousand army trainers. these will be doing the initial training of afghan recruits. the recruits will then be put into their units and partnered with american units on the ground. this will be a phased deployment going over the next 12 to 18 months. the troops that you mention in your broadcast, up to some 30,000 or so will be phased in over that time frame. >> suarez: once all tho
manufacturing jobs in the united states. before you head to break, work or school. >> temperatures not a bad start for us, but changes on the way. some wet weather too. we'll talk about when the wet weather gets here. >> reporter: good morning from the mta. for your commute start, you'll find a 5 minute delay on the metro subway. marc train operating on time. on the buses, look for heavy volume on 7, 23 and 19 bus lines and number 36 bus using alameda and 736 street due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> the nutcracker is coming to the hippodrome december 24-26. call that number on your screen if you'd like tickets. we'll be right back. so, did you get your son anything yet? yeah, i got him that transformers revenge raptor thing. yes, the ramjet raptor, introduced to the transformer family in may of '09. i prefer the skywarp figure with six guided missiles and also comes with a limited-edition collectors card. [ female announcer ] it's the most wonderful time of the year, and walmart's here to help. it's cyberweek at, txoÑe of the lowest prices of the
is the optimal solution to provide necessary medical treatment to everyone and the united states in a way that controls health care costs. pnhp doesn't, however, take a position on how congress members should vote on the legislation that is currently proceeding for congress. we do provide information to members about whether the legislation is likely to be ctive, and how icompes to a national single payer health care system. we joined the many health care reform advocates across the nation who are disappointed by the health insurance reform legislation that is passing through congress. we, like you, are seriously concerned by the health care environment in the united states. we are saddened by the number of people, our patience, family and friends who are donner and because they cannot receive or for access to health care. we are saddened by the number of people facing bankruptcy or foreclosure of their homes and those who are suffering needlessly because they cannot afford or have access to medical treatment. the anticipated a health care debate this year that would focus on the trees st
seized a tank of crude oil from saudi riot -- saudi arabia to the united states. the 28 person crew was off the coast of somalia at the time. we have told you about several hijackings before but this is the second time only that pirates have hijacked an oil tanker. it is not clear how much oil was on board the ship, but it could be worth millions and more importantly it could wreck environmental havoc if the pirates dump it. host: also today, -- bill: also today, we are waiting on news from the white house to help struggling homeowners. this is truly startling news. the government is set to use a shame game to step up pressure on mortgage companies because they are not doing enough to keep homeowners in their homes. the way that i understand it, the new program would be aimed at lenders? >> the banks are going to be publicly blamed. they have taken this bailout money but they are not bailing out homeowners. they are going to appoint officials to oversee the operations of these lenders on a day-to-day basis. plus they will demand a plan from the lenders to speed up help for homeowner
in the united states of america. a very audacious objective with brilliantly executed jeans. she then spent the rest of her life trying to convince the local governments miami-dade county and miami beach to develop the ordinances and other necessary legal mechanisms to protect this a national historic district. unfortunately she died three years before the full realization of her ever. but now there is a st. i believe it is tenth st. which is named for barber. eyesight her because she is the kind of person and that i believe all americans can be if they have a sufficient amount of internal self-confidence and a willingness to acquire the competencies' to be an effective citizen. this book, it "america the owner's manual" is devoted to preparing all americans for active and effective and honorable citizenship. i have defined and in this is totally my doing, but what are the 10 essentials skills of effective citizenship? barbara had most of those skills. she had the skills through her experience in marketing with a knowing the customer and how to influence the customer because of her backgrou
't afford this plan. but it fwroings light the debt many countries bring on. particularly the united states. if we keep bringing on debt other countries are going to wonder if they are every going to get their money back. >> what do you think to be snn >> well, i love they are creating a tax bill and calling it a health plan equally as stupid as billing a snow machine and snow world inside a hotel at dubai. i would offer that the size of the dubai g.d.p. is as big as highway shoy i don't think from the second-place -- >> it's the size of their debt in relation to what they can aforward and dubai had one of the highest debts per cap tae. now ours is about 60 g.d.p. is our debt here's the point, the rich countries can afford to carry the debt. the problem is when they get too far extended like a dubai or maybe a japant on the flip side you have countries like to you keep going down this road and pushing the vop. gina? >> i think this is ridiculous saying the reason we shouldn't have health-care is because of what's happening in dubai, this health care proposal is about $8 billion over 10 year
, christine, thanks. >>> looks like a bit of a bounceback from friday selloff here in the united states. here's where the futures stand right now. you do have the dow jones futures a little bit above fair value and the s&p, as well. looks like the nasdaq could open with modest losses. several hours before we do begin trading. busy week of course, we do have retail sales from this past holiday weekend to keep a close eye on cyber monday. a lot of online shopping to be done today. and we look forward to the confirmation hearings beginning this thursday for the fed chairman ben bernanke and also that jobs report, that key one coming, of course, on friday. let's take a look meantime at where the bund yield sits right now as we take a look at the ten-year bund yield edging up a touch here and then the ten-year treasury in the united states edging up, as well. most of the focus has been on the shorter end of the curve as the two-year treasury yield hit its lowest level this year. take a look at gold, as well, certainly a lot of focus there, the dollar edging weaker today and gold down a touch $5 or
% below 2005 levels as the target. host:: ñ were other countries waiting to hear from the united states? guest: absolutely, turn it came out the day after. they had been clearly waiting. -- china came out the day after. they had been clearly waiting. host: what are the5 sticking points in the negotiation? guest: there are two things. what is the target that was set last week. the other is the financing. there was an agreement with developing companies that would take actions in return for financing from the wealthier nations. we have taken care of the target. we have stepped up with the target and now we need to step up on the financing side. host: it was stated last week, president obama has set goals to reduce emissions and you were quoted as saying that the president is walking a nice edge. can you expand on that? guest: he is in a very narrow space. on the one hand, he had to take a stand that would encourage india and china that we would, in fact, take a stand. and he also led to do it in a way that would not hurt his chances with congress. for 12 years, congress has been asking fo
hands with the president of the united states. look at that picture. the prime minister of india is standing a few feet away. now, then they go have -- let's get a picture with joe. joe's a good guy. can i get my hands on the vice president? apparently they've been used to doing this kind of stuff. look, folks. let me play this for just a moment. what if they were experts in martial arts? what if they had some kind of poison or undetectable drug on them? the secret service failed big-time here. now they're scrambling to figure out, oh, gosh, what went wrong? the "washington post" had this report. these folks, they were allowed inside, in violation of secret service policies by an outside officer of the front gate who was persuaded by the couple's manner and insistence as well as pressure of keeping lines moving on a rainy evening. well, i think there has to be a no-tolerance policy in all of this. you don't play games with the president's safety. let's see now. this is a president who has had a 400% increase in death threats. he gets about 30 a day. not to mention it's very disre
states at the end. but this would only be possible if the united nations were able to get to the end. >> been at camp david, five months later, tony blair insisted that the roots to military action should be through the united nations. >> the prime minister laid out the case for a couple hours. he also, at this point, said it might be necessary to have two interventions. >> time and again, mr. blair came back to the same point. >> the prime minister said going through the united nations was absolutely essential. >> so how was that -- how was it when support from the united nations can do nothing that mr blair took the country to war? >> he thought it w the right thing to do. he thought that there were no alternatives. he meant to deal with the disarmament issue. >> so mr blair went the military to investigate options for an invasion nine months before it happened. then, in the aftermath of saddam hussein's downfall, a group in at the white house expected to be like germany and japan at the end of world war ii. sir david left the inquiry having set up the case for tony blair's defense
measure before the united states senate in which no member on this side of the aisle has been consulted in any way -- i would point out to my colleagues historically there has never been a major reform implemented by the congress of the united states unless it's by a -- unless it's bipartisan in nature and i don't believe that the american people want this 2,000-and-some-page monstrosity, which is full of -- which is full of all kinds of provisions that they are either unaware of or even in the study of this legislation many of us have also become unaware of. but fundamentally the bernie madoff accounting, the enron accounting that's been going on with this bill is dependent on envisioning a half a traldz in cuts -- half a trillion dollars in cuts are not attainable. if they are attainable, it would mean a curtailment or reduction in what we promised the senior citizens of this country. it's not acceptable. so what this -- what this -- this motion to commit does, it sends it back to the finance committee. come back with another bill. only this time don't put the cost of it on the backs
to the contrary. demjanjuk was deported from the united states in maynd is chged with being an accessory to the murder o almost 28,000 jews at a nazi death cam in poland. the trial, as you n imane, is major story in germany and drew survors of the holaust who are coinced of demjanjuk's ilt, as we hear in this repo from our german partner deutsche welle. >> reporter: the past still haunts him. he spent 11months at auswitz. his parents and s brother were killed in the death campn sobibor. heas traveledto munich from his home in the netherlands. he's among 30 who will b attending the trl. ere's no doubt in his mind that john demjanjuk is guilty, and he wants to see him convicted. >> translator: i makes no dierence whether he's 9 years old 90. he did it. was there. i can' say whether he mdered my parents, but he was involved in their killing. >> reporter: demjanjuk has consistently dend ever being at sobibor. one of the toughest challenge cing prosecor will be to answer the question surrounding the identity of the 89-year-old. questionthat may never be answed. in 1988,he wasentenced to deat
a little bit more about what the fed's been concerned about in the united states, which is, of course, commercial real estate. most of the stuff that was going on, dubai was overbuilding. they lost tenants or didn't get tenants. and they tried to obviously create a tourist destination in the middle of the desert. now that we've had a global slowdown and business has dropped off, obviously their bull's eye for really representing the problems of commercial real estate. which, by the way, if you take a couple more steps back, if you look t it, who are the banks that are affected by this? obviously in the uae we know that a tremendous amount of european banks have debt of the uae. but also a little bit in the united states. citigroup as well. the people that find themselves who are going to be hurt by this could also be small and medium-sized firms here in the united states as banks globally pull back, have to put aside loan loss reserves. and, of course, not lend much to the small and medium-sized firms. >> andy bush, you were mentioning the fed. is there a lesson for the fed here? what
. you know, we all grow up under the smith that anyone can run and be president of the united states, right? this is the national lower. but if you try to beat anyone and you are not the party favorite of one of the two major parties, wrote to you. it is nearly impossible to run an effect did national presidential campaign out side of the two parties this time and that's because we have systemic barriers, and even if you have a supremely qualified candidates, even if you have popular support. we have systemic barriers that have made it difficult to compete. and there is no level playing field. so when jim bennett writes in his book, the system is rigged and nobody cares, i know what do he speaks. let's start with ballot access. well, actually let's start with the regulatory system. if you haven't had the pleasure of reading 11 cfr, the code of federal regulations for campaign finance, i suggest you do so. as one person i interviewed at the campaign election it was i said i am a lawyer, i'll be able to figure this out. and he said well know, it's really like asking a general practitio
to today's policy decisions today at the white house. what is relevant is the cost to the united states of this expanded mission, and we will touch more on that tomorrow night, but on the costs, much more likely to add to the cost of the u.s. troops involved in the theater there. bret: two tunisians held at guantanomo bay have been held over to italian authorities. the justice department say they face arrest warrants there and will be prosecuted. the supreme court has thrown out a a lower court ruling that ordered the release of pictures allegedly showing terror suspects being abused by american captors. justices ordered the second u.s. circuit court of appeals to take another look at the lawsuit filed by the aclu which wants the pick pictures publicized. president initially did not oppose the release and then changed his mind. a lot of people are changing their minds about the theory of man made global warming on the heels of a major scientific scandal concerning researchers and their behavior. wendell goler reports this renewed skepticism comes as president obama prepares to attend th
assaulting a child. >>> somali pirates have hijacked a tanker on its way to the united states. a european union spokesperson says the ship was taken about 800 miles from somalia yesterday. it has 28 crew members, none of them from the united states. somali pirates have taken dozens of ships, but this may be only the second attack of an oil tanker. >>> tiger wood sincere talking about a car accident over the weekend, but he's not talking to police about it. rafer weigel has more about that. >> tiger and his wife erks elin, turned away from cops. under florida law, he technically does not have to talk to police. his attorney says, quote, it's a private matter. the accident happened early friday when woods ran his suv over a fire hydrant and crashed into a tree. he did release this statement on his website yesterday which reads, in part, although i understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. the only person responsible for the accident is me. that's a curious statement, robin. a tabloid
hurt as bad as you can get. every time it comes to small people in the united states they say they do not have enough money. now they are going to allocate 40,000 more troops with $50 billion of cost? the money is catching fire from flying out of the treasury so quickly. why can we not help our own people? the people that pay the taxes? this is a waste, these men dying for stupidity. host: how closely are the american people starting to link health care legislation with the war in afghanistan? guest: a good question. something that the liberal members are starting to ask about, they are going after this point more precisely, suggesting that the money made in afghanistan, the more made the better. it is a longstanding argument going back to vietnam and even before. i am not sure that there is that much of a direct linkage in the minds of many people. many people still see the afghanistan situation as a response to 9/11, even if it has not been handled particularly well. host: another david is calling, this one is a republican from st. petersburg, florida. caller: the message that needs
service and the united states attorney in that area. >> just a follow-up on april's questi question. >> her question was a follow-up. >> a triple follow on, the social office knows the list -- >> sheryl -- >> they would have overheard the couple announce themselves and it wouldn't have required a phone call. it wouldn't have -- they would have flagged it right away. would it not -- >> if the couple wouldn't have come it wouldn't have required a phone call. >> that's true, too. >> i understand, and -- and generally when people have questions, sheryl when you have a question, april, when you have a question, i don't have to be there in person to answer your question despite the fact that you may announce your question. generally you can pick up the telephone and reach me right there in my office. >> the press secretary robert gibbs getting pounded with some serious questions there. let's bring in our senior white house correspondent ed henry once again. ed, you had your own questions for the press secretary. were they answered? >> reporter: well, not exactly. i mean, what you heard ro
to protect the president of the united states without anyone coming in. now because social office did not have that other layer of checks and balances [ inaudible ] this happened. [ inaudible ] >> i'm going to let the investigation put the onus on where the onus should be. >> how much more complicated is it for robert gibbs the rest of the folks in the white house given that desiree rogers in the office as close to the obamas as anybody in the white house? >> absolutely. she is part of the inner circle at the obama white house. so, of course, people at the white house are going to be reluctant to cast any blame or aspersions on one of the best friends of the first family. and we don't really know. i'm not saying that the blame belong there is at this point. but it is interesting there was this change of procedures that may have contributed to the lapse. nobody looks good here, could you argue bravo, which may have unwiltingly encouraged the salahis to do this. >> a lot we don't know as well about as well. worth knowing. >> michael isikoff writes the blog, declassified. thanks for comi
proposes the united states will win the war. as it stands, there are 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan, and there's every indication today that mr. obama will announce he plans to deploy an additional 30,000 to 35,000 u.s. troops. back in august, general stanley mcchrystal, the top u.s. commander in if afghanistan, argued that a troop increase was essential, and that the u.s. had a window of a year or less to stabilize the country before the cause would be lost. today at the white house, spokesman robert gibbs gave a broad preview of the president's speech. >> the president will reiterate the importance of why we're there. but also, by all means, very early on acknowledge the tremendous cost and sacrifice to our men and women in uniform. >> as the white house prepares for tomorrow night's address, there is great anticipation in afghanistan where u.s. troops are ratcheting up the fight with taliban and al qaeda forces for much of the year. and tamron, u.s. troops have been waiting for this decision ever since august when the top u.s. commander may h made his initial request. >> and davi
: yeah. and what's interesting is -- as far as the united states is concerned, you know, the u.s. government's always supported dubai as an experiment because it is such a moderate place. you have iranians coming here -- and by the way there's a lot of iranian money here, which is interesting in light of the nuclear reactors. saudi arabians come here, it's this sort of mecca for people to come and let their hair down, take off their traditional garb if they want to, but you do have a lot of europeans too. is there need for a tourist hub here? you really can make the argument for yes. they always say there's 400 million people within a three-hour flight, 400 million wealthy people. there's billions within that distance from here that they think can really come and spend money. and there is something to be said for that. there is no sort of caribbean. there's an atlantis here. and you look at it across the water and you literally think that you're at the other atlantis. this is the caribbean maybe for the middle east and for europe. maybe it go way overbuilt, but you do still hav
of thousands of combat troops from the united states that are going to be directly involved in taking on insurgents in this growing taliban. this could be kind of a murky mission, if you will. that's what people are afraid of. senior administration officials i talked to say, look, they understand the president has to make it very clear what the mission is and that in fact the afghanistan government has a commitment on its side and there's going to be an exit strategy here. they are not going to be tied down in something unending. >> as the president gets ready to address the nation tomorrow night, what do we expect the president to say. >> reporter: there are going to be some things that are very clear. first of all, we're talking somewhere in the rarng of 35,000 additional forces that the president is going to call for. this is going to be a total of 100,000 or so on the ground in afghanistan. the cost they are talking about $75 billion a year for this war effort. but they are going to say that, look, nato allies are contributing 5,000 forces or so. clear expectations from the afghan
sanchez. there is breaking news from washington. within the last couple of minutes, the united states senate began its official debate on health care reform. there you see some of the pictures of what's going on on the floor right now. earlier, majority leader harry reid announced that senators may work weekends to try and get this thing done. reid also isn't committing yet on when to adjourn for christmas. this is the bill that reid unveiled about 11 days ago. it is 2,074 pages. the ten-year cost, $840 billion. it would not increase the federal deficit, according to its sponsors. it will raise taxes on some of the richest americans. republicans have promised to fight this thing at every turn, a holy war, quote, unquote, in the words of utah republican oren hatch. there's mr. reid now. there is a version of the public option in the bill, not as strong as the one that was passed by the house back in november. this senate debate will last weeks, we understand. and you can expect us here at cnn to follow it every single step of the way. >>> >> that voice belongs to a neighbor of tiger wo
the people of the united states to come together to express appreciation to those whose lives enrich our own. ben, are you going to get a social security check or iou because with $12 trillion in debt i don't know if there's any bounty left to share? >> well, i'm not going to get social security. this is city a country in which well to do people have a lot to give to less we forpe there's no more money throughout mr. obama for you to spend on your fantasy projects. weaver broke. >> there are some people out there. an andy warhol silk screen went for big money. but you brought up a point. it's somebody making $250,000 or $300,000 or the small business owner. >> everybody will feel the pain. it channels down this past year, $3.5 trillion were spent tor snore but you have to have something to give. and i'm sorry the well has run dry. the taxpayers are spent and pent right now. you can psych -- it would be less than that. >> go ahead. >> i wanteded to say something about bounty. we are a very generous nation. but shouldn't it be left up to the individual on his or her own to figure out how the
-- it makes a lot of sense the united states to get off of foreign oil. >> that's the whole thing. here km the talking points. here come all the talking points. that's the idea that the green's headed by al gore would like to have you believe that the con census is in. the exaggeration and manipulation showser they would hang a business guy for this. tyson -- >> if they were told one chart in a power point presentation. >> all right. hold on. guys. >> tyson, here's the problem with this. and it's more with cap and trade than the actual issue with climate change. we have issues. we shoorp it will raise for the average american if we see what's proposed go into law. >> we can boost the commip and when they stopped putting cad lid i can converters on cars. there's been a lot of cases in history where the majority of scientists were wrong. the earth and the sun at the center of the thing. darwin more recently. [laughter] >> i don't think this is one of those cases but it's irrelevant because to layfield's pp peter: -- it would cost so much to the economy in the short run that it's the to zove
by authorities there, would they have trouble re-entering the united states? >> you know, that's a danger. here's an even bigger danger. if they do come back and her daughter's convicted, would they be disallowed visitation and entering into italy. >> at one point you had thought about coming here for the end of the trial -- going to italy, i'm sorry, for the end of the trial and decided against it. why is that? >> because i guess i'm a lawyer and can't practice law if i'm in italy or i'm in jail or indicted for a felony. you know, the threat is real. we can speak out here. we take that for granted that we can do that in this system, including lawyers and parties. but look what just happened in italy. >> but do you believe you yourself would be charged if you went over there for something? >> well, i can't take the chance. i've said the same thing that the parents have said, they've been investigated for and maybe charged which is that amanda was abused during the interrogation. they said that's defamation, criminal libel in italy. >> i know that you and amanda's family are hoping for the best
for their significant contribution to the he have forlt in afghanistan. the united states and denmark promote freedom, security, and prosperity. we talked this morning about additional cals that the president will make between this afternoon and the time of the speech. i anticipate that that will include president karzai, murray, prime minister tusk of poland, hugh of china and many administration officials, including general joans, and secretary of state and other also also make consultation calls over the course of the night many hours before the speech. >> in addition to medvedev. >> those are at least in addition to. there could be others. >> today? >> most of them, quite frankly, are likely scheduled for tomorrow. >> we haven't talked in detail about afghanistan. what is the president hoping to establish and what does he want to get in exchange? >> well, phil, i think you can anticipate that a good portion of the president's speech tomorrow will discuss our relationship with pakistan and touch ongoing back to the very beginning of this administration in a renewed engagement diplomatically with t
the so-called nuclear age has affected the presidency of the united states. this forum was hosted at the jfk library. it's about 1 hour 20 minutes. my mother described her hopes that it would be a vital center of education that will grow and change with the times. it's an honor to partner with 12 oernl national libraries to host this sim pose yum. this conference is all the more important and interesting. we can't help but notice the parallels just a week ago, there were two satellite photos on the front page of the "new york times." the second was photographed last month which revealed thefully built structure that could withstand potential attack those of you here this morning can't help but be remindedn of the yo 2 satellite as a result of the satellite flights in cuba. the question is as it is now not as it was developed. throughout his career my father believed in guiding us through history. he encouraged members of his cabinet to read the stories that would help not lead to miss judgement. our purpose as we gather here today to analyze past presidential efforts to limit the
they decide they can extradite him to the united states. you see some snow. crews have now had to plow the road up to his ski chalet because of the heavy snowfall, perhaps delaying his return to the ski chalet, where he's free to have parties, have friends over, do whatever he wants. live the roman polanski lifestyle in gestadt. he can't leave his property. 19,000 square feet, he might have skiing on his property. looks like mr. polanski is going to be a-okay after all. >> if you drug and rape a 13-year-old girl, this can happen to you. it sends a strong message. we've got to send a strong message to polanski. >> this is very typical of you avoiding the facts. he won an academy award. >> my bad. >> mika, this next story is dedicated to you. >> thank you. >> i know obesity is a grave concern to you. not so much to joe and myself. >> oh, come on, it's very important. >>> the fattest countries in the world. the official list is out. do you want to take a wild guess? i think you know the answer. >> i would think us. >> yes. >> big fat america. >> a version of us is at the top of the list.
're doing and much more intuitive, as that continues to happen here in the united states and abroad, we believe mobile payments is going to be very big. >> reporter: now, for ebay, up almost 75% this year, paypal has been a secret weapon of sorts against its rival amazon in their ongoing online retail battle. amazon, you heard jane talk about this earlier, hitting an all-time high. while online shopping traffic did dip 15% year over year, spenders, well, they plunked down 11% more money this time around. that's good news for retailers like amazon, walmart and target. and also good news for ebay because of paypal. >> we believe the opportunity is still enormous as you look out to the future. because ecommerce is growing here in the united states and all around the woerld. and more people shop online in a safe, convenient way to check out. >> reporter: jane, reference those zhu zhu pets, sold 1 million on friday, 10,000 of those electronic rote ents. sue, did you get yours? >> no. we're leaving that up to santa claus. we will see. >> reporter: good idea. yesment. >> all we need, electroni
by literally delivering the vaccines that exist in the united states today and cutting down the lag and the amount of time it takes to get those vaccines to developing worlds, and while we can invest some of our money in that it takes an enormous amount of government funding and equipment to get those vaccines out. and the other piece we help which is really the research, getting the new vaccines created that are just for the poor children, so new vaccine for pneumonia, for die rheal disease that exists in the developing world. >> part of what you're talking about is there are government programs that are working that people may not realize are working. >> absolutely. and that's part of the news we want to get out especially the president's emergency plan for aids relief petbar, has delivered to africa who are living today because they got these lifesaving drugs against hiv aids. that's up from only 155,000 people five years ago so it's really when we go out and travel there's immense hope about aids in africa today because of that specific program and that specific american investm
have more population than the united states does. huge militaries. they are almost unusable. the rules of engagement are very constra constrained. only the brits have gotten in there with good training, leadership and willing to take casually. the canadians are taking out. the dutch are coming out. the german's hopefully, are staying in, they and the french. >> savannah guthrie joining us from the white house. what is the latest you are hearing on the numbers of troops? >> reporter: my best information now is the number the president will ask for in his speech is 30,000 additional troops with a real emphasis on training up afghan security forces so they can take over. the notion being there could be a beginning of combat troops as early as 200. the real emphasis the training up the afghan security forces. as i said, all indications are the president will ask for 30,000 troops tomorrow night. a caveat, this is a moving target. it's been known to change and can change, even in the final hours before the big speech tomorrow night. >> elisabeth and senator lugar was saying yesterday, let m
--is in the united states in needs opposition support to get his climate change plan passe in portugal, campgners for gay-rights are confident tt same-sex marrge will be allowed with a matter of mont. in spai there has been it gave marriage for almost five yes, but so far in catholic portuguese socie that has been opposed. we have this. >> of portugal's o-fashioned ys and taditions may be shaken to the court, particularly in the north where catholics andonservative values ae trying to ld fast against encroaching modern rld. within a f months and after a longampaign, a gay marrie is eected to be legalized. r one couple living together for more than 12 years, one descbes himself as auman -- as a hun rights activist. his partner is afraid to show hisace for fear of it damaging his business. >> i want to be protected ke everybody. i gon the street a everybody lookedt me like everydy. so what i don't get the same rights and t same duts. theuties, i have, but i do not have the same ghts as everybody. >> the fielthe hostity from the estlishment. >>ometimes, ifeel hates. >> hate? >> hates. --e
was living in ohio. he was deported from the united states to germany last may despite claims that he's term ne -- terminally ill. today's proceedings began with demjanjuk demjanjuk's. >>> there's been yet another pirate attack off of the coast of somalia. well off the coast. a tanker carrying crude oil from saudi arabia to the u.s. was hijacked yesterday. about 800 miles off of the coast of somalia. a piracy expert says the pirates are going bolder. somali pirates are holding about a dozen ships hostage with more than 200 crew members. it is not clear how much oil was aboard that tanker that was seized yesterday. experts say though the value would be in the millions of dollars. >>> today stocks recovered from fears about dubai's financial debt crisis. last week dubai said it would delay repayment of $60 billion in loans causing markets to plunge world wide. but today the emerittus said it will restructure one-third of its debt. the dow gained 35 points p the nasdaq was up by six and the s&p was up four points today. >>> the obama administration is cracking down on mortgage companies. they s
.c.'s christmas. today they gave the united states congress an arizona blue spruce that will be the official capital christmas tree. it arrived today and stands taller than a 7 story building. the towering tree is supposed to represent arizona's diversity in resources. house speaker nancy pelosi will light the tree at a later date. >>> a texas church handed out a lesson in the spirit of giving. grace church handed out $22,000 in sealed envelopes last sunday. the catch? some church members received $6 while others received up to $500. the church wants to promote the spirit of giving and hope they pass the money along to someone in need. >>> local college students take to the streets. why they're protesting constellation energy coming up at 6:00, which starts right now. >>> after a long holiday weekend, there's still no verdict in the trial against mayor sheila dixon. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. jurors have been deliberating for six days now. no verdict, but there were two very important notes passed today. brian keebler has the details live from courthouse east. >> well marybeth, we'l
, all part of a large front pushing across the eastern united states right now. and uh, you can kind of see it lined up here, basically back across the western half of west virginia and cooler air will punch in behind that. drop us into the 30s overnight tonight. best chance for rain in baltimore and the immediate area. around lunch time today, it starts up. showers on and off into the afternoon. we clear it out real nicely here for tuesday. looking like we get a lot of sunshine back in the mix. not like days and days of rain like we had last week. 52 degrees. cloudy, rain, toward mid-day and into the afternoon. temps begin to fall. 52, 53 is as warm as we get. tonight down to 34. going to be a chilly cold night out there. tomorrow we bring the sunshine back. looks like a pretty good day uh, temperatures back up into the 50s. but still, cool, breezy scenario. we'll talk more about the rest of your outlook in a couple minutes. let's get a check of the morning roads with kim brown. >> we do have some volume building on the west side of the outer loop between liberty road and the baltim
grower in the northwestern united states who raises those organize tulips. for more check out our website,, and click on living green. >>> are we going to be living with our rain coats and umbrellas for long? >> well if you're east of town another hour or so. west of town we're done. we're going to see the winds pick up and actually it will turn colder tonight. here's your forecast. the next three days temperature wise we'll end up in the ballpark of average. 54 tomorrow. mostly sunny. 53 on wednesday. clouds return rather quickly and we could see rain around sunset and rain wednesday night then we clear out again on thursday and we're back into the low 50s. so we start meteorological winter tomorrow on a pretty mild note. 24 hour rainfall amounts not particular impressive. 9/100th in fredricks. almost 2/100th over 2/100th in baltimore and also in annapolis. wind gust they're picking up a little bit to the west of us. 23miles an hour in winchester. the front is almost through the entire metro area. the 26 miles per hour wind gust in georgetown. so for tonight then rain and showe
as the 60th vote. in the united states senate monday, the great debate got underway. >> the authors of the bill have done a very good job. >> i don't think this bill can be fixed. >> reporter: the democrats 2074 page health care bill promises to cover millions of uninsured. crack down on insurance companies for denying coverage or charging extra for preexisting conditions, but it woulds a also cost money -- $848 billion over ten years. >> health care will come if we dedicate the coming weeks to solutions, not scare tactics. >> reporter: senator reid is referring to the republicans statements that the bill will cost trillions and put government in charge of major health care decisions. >> democrats don't seriously confront this problem in their 2 ks 074-page monument, monument to mo more government, more taxes, more spending and more debt. >> reporter: the bill needs 60 votes to pass. the same number of seats democrats control but you only have to look at the man occupying the presiding chair of the senate on monday see why its passage is far from a sure thing. >> the current cost of
the fire out there. >> the bottom line is you are allowed in the united states of america to take your car and crash into, you can drive a demolition derby in your driveway if you choose to as long as you are not putting in an insurance claim and damaging or hurting any one else. it doesn't appear that he committed any crime and he has a constitutional right as an american and just because he is a celebrity doesn't mean he loses his rights, of just keeping his mouth shut and closing his door and handling this in the private way that he chose to handle it. >> what do you think? >> the statement itself is not surprising to me. tiger has always maintained his privacy to a great deal. it is going to continue to fuel the rumors out there and the media is still going to investigate exactly what happened that night and certainly reflects back a little bit to the reports that we put out two days before the accident that he had been involved according to a woman in a romantic relationship and a cheating scandal. >> now, you spoke with this woman, the alleged mistress. >> yes, i spoke with rachel uc
're going to make about $165 a month u.s. it doesn't sound like much to us here in the united states, but in a country where a lot of people are living on a dollar a day, you know, it's a significant increase. so it will be interesting to see if that pay increase has any effect on morale, recruitment and things like that going forward. >> chris lawrence just left afghanistan was imbedded with troops there and also atia bowie on the ground and will be there on tuesday for the president's announcement. thanks to both you. >>> if anyone knows the challenges the u.s. and ally forces face in afghanistan it's retired brigadier mark kemmet. he said americans should be prepared to be there for the long haul. >> it will take five to ten years at a minimum before we can hand this over to the afghans so they can run the security portfolio and no longer be reliant on american troops in afghanistan. >> he said more troops in afghanistan is not comparable to the so-called surge in iraq. he also cautioned that americans shouldn't expect the same results because afghanistan poses a much tougher chal
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